When visiting church for private prayer please remember
• To sanitise your hands on entry and exit.
• Wear a face mask/covering at all times — even if you are alone in the
• Maintain physical/social distancing.
• To take home any papers you may use.
• Use only the designated exit.
• Please do not gather in the church porch or on church property for
• Although with cleaning and sanitisation, consistent with the advice of
public health authorities, parishioners should understand that they accept the risk of contracting COVID-19 any time they enter a public space since such precautions do not eliminate the risk of infection.

Guidance for attending church for Mass and other acts of worship

The following is guidance based on advice from the Archdiocese

Face coverings have been mandatory in Places of Worship since 8 August 2020. All parishioners who attend Mass MUST wear a mask while inside the church and MUST maintain social distancing. Visors may be worn but not instead of a mask. This is to protect people who may feel at risk, so please do consider others. If you have a condition that means you are not able to wear a mask you will have to participate in Mass from within the porch and you will not be allowed in the main body of the church until the distribution of the eucharist at the end of Mass. If you need to take advantage of this it would be helpful if you could advise one of the stewards in advance.

  1. For both Sunday and weekday Masses please come early. Please do not come if you are suffering cold or flu symptoms.
  2. There will be a one-way system, IN at the front door, OUT at the back door. An exception will be made for wheel chair users to come in at the back door.
  3. There will be a limit of about 25 attendees, first come first served. There will be stewards outside the Church to control the queue (we hope!) and inside to show you to your pews. Please do what they ask.
  4. Your name and telephone number will be taken at the door for track and trace purposes. It will be kept on paper, not a computer, and will be ceremonially burnt after 3 weeks – all to comply with GDPR.
  5. Please wear a mask and gloves (preferably bring your own) and sanitise your hands both when entering and leaving the Church. Sanitiser will be available.
  6. Social distancing will be in force – one metre plus – except for families who may huddle.
  7. Doors and windows will be kept open so wrap up warm.
  8. The toilet will be closed.
  9. Lighting of votive candles is prohibited.
  10. Until further notice there will be only one Sunday service. This will be at 10.00 am and will be quite different with changes for those who attended either the early or the late Sunday morning Mass . The major changes are:-
  • No singing.   The Church’s hymnals and missals will not be available but please feel free to bring your own.
  • Sunday Mass sheets will be available but do not return them at the end of Mass – take them home with you.
  • There will be no collection on Sundays but buckets will be placed by the back door to receive your contributions on the way out.  As the Church has received no income during lockdown, please be as generous as you can.
  • Communion will take place at the end of the Mass. The Host will be distributed in the hand only. Please approach the Priest with arms outstretched, receive the Host and leave the Church by the back door.
  • There will be no bidding prayers, no offertory procession, hand sanitiser replaces holy water, no handshakes or kisses of peace and the homily will be short!

If there are any updates the information will be available here on our website and via the weekly email.  If you do not yet receive the email from Carolyn Walton and you would like to be added to the list of recipients please email catholicchurchburford@gmail.com.

12 November 2020