St John Fisher & St Thomas More RC Church, 171 The Hill, Burford, OX18 4RE



A message from Fr Paul:

From the first weekend in August Sunday Mass times in Carterton and Burford will be:
Ss. John Fisher & Thomas More – Burford’s Mass will be at 9.30 am (Allowing me to cover the 8.30 am at Witney if needed)
St Joseph’s Carterton’s will retain its current Mass at 11.00am.
Furthermore, from weekend of the 13th/14th August Holy Mass will be celebrated at St Mary the Virgin, Bampton at 5.00 pm on a Saturday evening.  This will allow me to celebrate the 6.30 pm at Witney should the need arise.  My thanks to the Vicar and PCC for agreeing that this Mass can be celebrated in their building for the present, maintaining something of the tradition which I know is important to many people.
While Mass times are always contentious matter, I hope you can appreciate that every effort has been made to accommodate people’s needs whilst preserving that which people hold dear.

Parish Priest: Fr Paul Whieldon

Presbytery:  Fr Bernard Garratt (retired) in residence.

The Church of St John Fisher & St Thomas More is the only Roman Catholic Church in Burford and is at the top of The Hill on the left-hand side going up, shortly before you reach the A40 roundabout. The building is relatively modern, having been built in the 1950s and expanded in 2003. There is a small meeting room and a good sized car park.
Sunday Mass is at  9.30 am. Weekday Masses at Burford are usually celebrated at 10.00 am on Tuesday and Thursday.

Changes to Mass times

From the 7 August Sunday Mass times in Burford and Carterton will be as follows:

Our Sunday Mass has moved to 9.30 am

St Joseph’s Carterton retains its current Mass at 11.00 am.

From 13 August a Vigil Mass will be celebrated at St Mary the Virgin, Bampton at 5 pm on each Saturday evening. This will allow Fr Paul to celebrate the 6.30 pm at Witney should the need arise.

Our church will be redecorated over the coming weeks. It is hoped work will start in mid-August and should be completed within four weeks. Arrangements have been made with the decorators for the church to be prepared at the end of each week so the Sunday morning Mass at 9.30 am can continue throughout. However, once work starts the weekday Masses will have to be cancelled but there will be Masses at 9.30 am on Wednesdays and Fridays at Carterton. Fr Pat celebrates Mass at 9.30 am on Mondays and at 6.00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Our Lady & St Hugh, Witney.


Please note that from 13 August there will be a regular Saturday Vigil Mass at St Mary the Virgin, Bampton at 5pm

Bishops’ Conference Guidance

There is still a risk associated with gathering for sustained periods in enclosed spaces and therefore there needs to be continued caution by all against infection. Whilst the reduction of restrictions brings about a more normal way of living the Covid-19 virus is still in circulation and this should be in the mind of those participating in the life of the Church holding in balance the need for personal safety and taking responsibility for that safety.


If there are any major updates the information will be available here on our website and via an email bulletin.  If you do not receive the occasional bulletin from Carolyn Walton and you would like to be added to the list of recipients please email


6 August 2022


Links to sites that livestream Masses can be found here

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St John Fisher & St Thomas More
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Thank you.




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